The History of Hokkaido Jingu

 This Hokkaido Jingu enshrines three deities for the reclamaition oh Hokkaido. The reclamation of Hokkaido was begun when the Meiji Restoration succeeded.
 Emperor Meiji selected protecting deities of the reclamation of Hokkaido and enshrined them in this shrine in 1869.
Hokkaido used to be called "Ezo" the name oh one of the groups of Ainu. The Meiji Government changed it to Hokkaido in 1869. "Hokkaido" means "road for the north sea".
 Every reclamation decision of Hokkaido (except the southern area, i.e, Matsumae,Hakodate) began from here.

Brief Guide Line of the Shinto Religion

 Shinto shrine are the from in which the native religion of the Japanese people is externally expressd. The deities enshrined in them are the ancestors of the people and the gods responsible for the development and opening up of the country.
 Shinto is a very ancient religion recognizing the gods in the whole universe. These gods are symbolized by the sun.
 If the sun disapperars from the earth, everything becomes nothing. The creation of the universe and Japan is recorded in the Japanese myth book "Kojiki" (recorded from oral traditions in 712 A.D.), We, as our ancestors be fore us, express our gratitude for our existence and pray for a happy life to our gods.

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