Traffic access

coming by the Sapporo city
  Tozai Line - Maruyama Kouen station alighting ---> on foot 15 minutes
  Jingu-Mae bus station alighting ---> on foot 1 minutes
  Bankei Bus (Maruyama Line)
  Shiei Bus (Ring 20 West14 West15)

coming by the distant place
  JR Sapporo station --(On foot)-->
  Subway Sapporo station-Nanpoku Line --(Nanpoku Line)-->
  Subway Odori --(change to Tozai Line from a Nanpoku line)-->
  Tozai Line --> Subway Maruyama Kouen station alighting --->
  on foot 15 minutes
  From JR Sapporo station to a Taxi ---> 15 minutes

Cherry blossoms in the precincts of the Shrine.
In May, 1200 cherry trees blossom.

Bronze statue of the head commissioner, Mr. Shima, who brought the gods on his shoulders and decided to choose the site of the present Shrine in 1869, and also planned the city of Sapporo. Few people lived i Sapporo at that time, but now, 1,640,000 people live in this city.

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